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The number of practicing lawyers is growing steadily. In the United States alone, the lawyer job market is currently at approximately 759,200. About three out of every four lawyers is practicing in a law firm or is a sole practitioner, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. See reference The legal industry is growing at the rate of about 20,000 to 40,000 new lawyers each year. This is based on a factor of around 200 law schools each graduating about 200 new lawyers a year.


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Yes, lawyers are officers of the court and, as such, are the only professional occupation of individuals that are licensed by the state to represent your needs in court, although, some items can be handled by non-lawyers, such as filings and documentation. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “growth in demand will be somewhat mitigated because in an effort to reduce money spent on legal fees, many businesses increasingly are using large accounting firms and paralegals to perform some of the same functions that lawyers do.”
See reference This means that services conventionally being provided by law firms could potentially be siphoned and performed by other professions. However, when it comes time to resolve a personal injury issue, a workplace problem, bankruptcy, criminal maters or domestic troubles, the only real solution is a lawyer. Start your search for a lawyer today!


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Many Internet sites force you to waste a lot of time trying to guess a lawyers areas of practice or you end up with a lawyer who is not even close to where you live. Lawyers Listings was developed with the consumer in mind and, therefore, we strive to ensure that selecting a lawyer is an easy process by providing three simple options to locate a lawyer. The First Step to find a lawyer is to select the state in which you reside or where you wish to retain a lawyer. The Second Step to find a lawyer is to click on the city in which you reside or the city that is the closest. The Third Step to find a lawyer is to look through the directory of lawyers listed under the city you chose, and then pick the lawyer who practices in the areas of law that most pertain to your issue. That’s how easy it is to find a lawyer using Lawyers Listings!


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On the Lawyers Listings website, we post individual lawyer logos, which is typically an electronic version of their business card. To look through the lawyers’ business cards that we have on file, please CLICK HERE!